Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

With Laser Eye Surgery, see Life with a completely different eyes! See the world more clearly as a result of eliminating visual defects (Myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism) by changing the shape of the transparent layer of the eye called the cornea of ​​the fully computer controlled Excimer Laser devices!

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

The process of removing visual defects (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism) by changing the shape of the transparent layer of the eye, called cornea, of completely computer controlled Excimer Laser devices, we can briefly call correction of vision with laser.

People who do not want to wear glasses or lenses in their daily life use laser eye surgery techniques to achieve healthier eyes.

Eye surgery operation performed with the help of laser laser eye surgery is used to completely eliminate the visual impairment of the eye. Laser eye surgery is among the surgeries that can be performed on patients without any side effects when vision defects are in question.

Who Can Get Excimer Laser Treatment?
It is safely applied to those who have eye defects such as nearsightedness, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia!

Who Cannot Apply Laser Eye Surgery?

  • In order to apply laser eye surgery to people with eye diseases, preliminary examinations are required. Apart from this, care should be taken against pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as people whose diabetes is not controlled.
  • Laser eye surgery is not recommended for AIDS patients, those with high-level dry eyes and those whose general health condition is not suitable for surgery.
  • What to Consider After Laser Eye Surgery?

    After laser eye surgery, simple problems may occur that may arise after every surgery. However, patients can usually return to their daily lives within a few days after laser eye surgery.

    After laser eye surgery, you may experience minor redness and a stinging sensation that will not bother you. These situations are extremely natural and can disappear spontaneously as soon as possible.

    To prevent dry eyes, it is sufficient to use the eye drops given to you by your doctor.

    Is Lasik surgery painful?

    Lasik technique is completely painless and takes a very short time. In applications with microkeratome, there may be a feeling of tension due to the microkeratome holding the eye tightly by sucking while the incision is made, but this is a very short and uncomfortable feeling.

    The type of anesthesia used for Lasik is drop anesthesia. There is absolutely no needle or sewing process. After a few drops of anesthetic substance are dropped, these procedures are performed on the eye without pain.

    After Lasik, your vision will increase rapidly, so you can go home after 15 minutes. There may be little itching and light discomfort, but these are not severe. In cases of distress, taking a painkiller will relieve the discomfort. Vision will reach a satisfactory level within 2-3 days.

    Is Lasik treatment method reliable?

  • In a very developed country like America, the organization called FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gives the approval of all kinds of treatment after much examination.
  • The PRK method was approved by the FDA in 1995 and the LASIK method in 1999 as a safe treatment.
  • How will the vision be after Excimer Laser?

    Almost all of the study results show that the uncorrected (without glasses) visual acuity will be above 60/100 with 99% probability after standard lasik, and it will be 100/100 with 80% probability. These rates are even better with the devices where Wavefront technology is applied. However, it is still impossible to guarantee that no glasses will be used.

    Although the vision defect is completely eliminated with the new technology, your eye may not be fully emmetropic (eye without visual defect) depending on the type and degree of visual defect of the eye and some structural factors. However, it will never be the same and you will probably live a very comfortable life without glasses. A very small percentage of people may have night vision problems, but with Wavefront technology, this is an exception.

    Will my number return after surgery?

    This was happening with the devices and techniques used in the years when Excimer laser was first applied. But today, especially in the lasik technique, there is no question except for exceptions.

    Can people with Excimer Laser treatment also have Cataract Surgery?

    This is one of the most misunderstood points. A person who is not a person with Excimer laser treatment can have Cataract Surgery. Excimer laser treatment is a treatment applied without entering the eye and it does not constitute an obstacle to Cataract Surgery performed by entering the eye.

    Will my postoperative number advance? Can I have surgery again?

    It is an important criterion for surgery that there is no more than 0.25 change in the number in the last 1 year before the operation and the person is 18 years old. Although there is no return with new lasik techniques, visual defects, which are usually 18 years old, can sometimes progress.

    6 months after the operation, if there is a significant number change or if the desired number cannot be provided exceptionally, it is possible to have a second operation with a much easier procedure.

    At which age can you get Laser Treatment?

    It can be operated at any age from 8 years to 65 years. However, the age range of 18-40 is more suitable for the correction of far vision, and the age range of 40-65 for the correction of near vision.

    Note: The information contained in the contents is not for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes!