PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

Hair is the enrichment in terms of thrombocytes by separating the blood from the person with PRP treatment after a centrifugation process.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

The main purpose of hair treatment with Prp is to prevent the loss of existing hair strands and to strengthen the hair strands. If your hair is seriously shed, the correct procedure will be to apply Prp with hair transplantation.

We do not encounter hair loss problems in people who have had hair transplantation with Prp. Prp treats the hair follicles, making them more alive and healthy, and healthy and healthy hair does not fall out.

Hair treatment with prp can be applied to thinned and weakened hair both for men and women. Considering that hair transplantation is a laborious and demanding process, hair PRP is an experimentally proven application that increases the success rate of hair transplantation.

Is it only applied to people who have hair transplantation or everyone?
Hair prp is an effective method that we apply not only to people who have had hair transplantation, but also to patients with hair loss complaints who want to nourish their existing hair follicles.

What are the Uses of PRP Hair Treatment?

  • PRP is a treatment applied especially for thinning and shedding of hair seen as a result of androgenetic alopecia known as male pattern hair loss. The role of PRP is to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

  • PRP is preferred as a supportive treatment for hair transplantation operations, due to its positive effects on the rapid healing of tissues after the operation, growth and strengthening of hair.

  • How is PRP Treatment Applied?

    PRP applications are performed in the hospital. The process starts with taking some blood from the person. By centrifugation, thrombocyte-rich components of blood are separated from other components.

    The part rich in thrombocyte (thrombocyte), leukocyte, growth factors and stock is injected into the scalp of the person. The whole process takes one to one and a half hours at most.

    To Whom PRP Hair Treatment Is Applied?

    Men and women with hair thinning or hair loss are suitable candidates for PRP Hair treatment.

    The treatment is applied in repeated sessions. This repetition can be applied every 2 months or every 3 months for 1 year according to the preference and need of the user.

    If a more intense treatment is required, it can be applied together with hair mesotherapy. When these two treatments will be applied in parallel, a period of 15 days must have passed between them.

    How is PRP Treatment Applied?

    On the day after hair transplantation, after dressing, PRP hair treatment can be applied optionally in addition to laser treatment or instead of laser treatment.

    PRP application in hair transplant operations helps the tissue to heal quickly and the hair in the transplanted areas remain in the active growth phase for a long time and the hair transplanted after the operation can adapt to the transplanted area.

    PRP treatment also ensures that the hair follicle remains intact in the external environment with the growth factor it contains, and provides oxygen and nutrient uptake of the hair follicles in a short time with the new micro-vessel-forming growth hormone it contains. For this reason, it is effective in increasing the hair growth rate after the procedure.

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