Greft Plus 6-Vitamin Complex

Greft Plus 6-Vitamin Complex

With its herbal formula specially developed for hair transplanted after hair transplantation, it helps your hair follicles to be nourished and helps hair strands grow fast and strong.

It helps to nourish and protect existing hair follicles.

It prevents the formation of DHT (Dihydrotesterone) with its herbal content, helping to reduce hair loss and form new hair.

Product description

  • The vitamin balls it contains nourishes the hair and scalp by contacting the skin.
  • It helps the hair to have a healthier appearance.
  • How to Use?
    Open the cap of the Greft Plus vitamin comlex product with scissors or something similar and fill it into the shampoo bottle. Shake gently for 10 seconds.

    What are the Warnings?

    Keep away from sunlight, keep out of reach of children and at room temperature. Avoid eye contact. Use externally.

    Note: The information contained in the contents is not for diagnosis and treatment!